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Most RIDICULOUS Chat Session In The History of Xfinity

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Most RIDICULOUS Chat Session In The History of Xfinity

 Hi Xfinity Mobile and Xfinity Cable..... If anybody out there can help me with my particular situation, please do. I had brown hair when I started your service, and now it's white. Please see the below chat and let me know - difninitively - what my best course of action is.  If I get a reply from an Xfinity employee, great! If it's from someone who has gone through what I've gone through, that's great too! I just need help, or I'll end up on the news for standing on a tall building while hurling cable boxes at passing motorists. Thanks! 


Hi...I'm looking to upgrade a phone.... website says Contact us to talk about eligibility for Xfinity Mobile - (which I've had and paid for since October 2017).

Hey GLYNN! Welcome to Xfinity Mobile. My name is Tracey. I'd be happy to help you!

Great! My account number is XXXXXX1109

Thank you!

For security purposes, could you please verify the name, address, and last 4 digits of the credit card listed on your account? I will need to verify the account to view the device eligibility. 

XXXX XXXX ... XXXXXXXX  (but we recently moved to XXXXXXXX) and the last four: XXXX.

I think the problem might be that I was behind on my regular Xfinity (cable/internet) payments, but there is a zero balance for that as of today.

Okay. I will be happy to double check this for you. It sounds like the move could have something to do with this to.


Can you please provide your new Comcast account number?

The new one is in my wife's name... The one I had when I got Xfinity Mobile is no longer in service.

So, which account number do you want?

Can I have hers and her full name?


her name is XXXX XXXX


I am also a 'user' on that account (online) but the actual service is in her name.

I do not see you listed as an authorized user on her account. You will need to have her add you by calling into 1-800-XFINITY. I do however want to see if you are linked somehow for Mobile. Give me just a moment.

If she adds me though, the mobile account will still be under my name and we get charged an extra $10 per line per month because the cable/internet bill is in her name, the mobile bill is in mine.

I simply want to upgrade my phone, and get rid of that extra $10 per line per month fee. Can I do that? I pay you $400 per month on time and I'm never late Smiley Happy

I completely understand, sorry for the pause. I am researching the current issue at this time. I was able to find your Mobile account associated to her account number.

Has she tried to open a Mobile account by chance?

No I don't think so

When you sign into Mobile, what do you see?

Sign in as me, yes?

I see what I normally see

My current bill amount that will come out on the 22nd, and access to my devices etc.


What username are you using to sign in.


Thank you.

How are we looking?

I am trying to figure out why I was able to locate your account with your wives account number. Have you escalated this issue before?

Yes, I have. But, I never get it resolved... each time I'm told that it's at some kind of 'tier' and that a supervisor will contact me... he/she never does. It's actually quite frustrating.

I completely understand. Usually this is not allowed in most cases. I am looking to see if I can find more information for you.

I feel that it should be easy to resolve... I've been paying my mobile phone bill on time since October 2017, and we've been paying our cable/internet bill on time since May 2018.

The previous cable/internet bill (under my name, before May 2018) was behind, but it has a zero balance now.

So, right now, I have a mobile account in good standing, a zero balance on my cable/internet account (which is closed)... but I can't upgrade a phone which I've made 13 payments on.

per your website, I should be able to upgrade.

You must have an active Internet account in your name to do the Early Upgrade. Let me see if I can find that article for you.

I DO have an active internet's in my wife's name. We sit on the same couch in our living room watching TV using your cable box and making calls using your phones and internet Smiley Happy

We each pay you a total of $700 per month between mobile and internet/cable

Can you see how this is a bit silly?

The account is not under your name causing these difficulties. By policy we cannot associate your mobile account to her Internet services. 
Note: Currently, Xfinity Home is not a qualifying service. You must maintain either Xfinity Internet, Xfinity Voice, or Xfinity TV in order to avoid the $10/month line fee, add new lines, and purchase devices on device payment plans for existing lines. 

Okay, so what should I do?

What I can do is send an email to escalate this further to see if this is even possible to combine the accounts so you can do this.

haha.... that will be the fourth time I've heard that Tracey. Smiley Happy

I don't believe I'll get a response the fifth time, but hey, whatever you have to do

I complete understand. With policy on account merge, there is not much we can do with out the engineers.

Okay, so put me on my wife's cable/internet bill, and transfer over the mobile service to her account.

This is not a normal case since we can only transfer mobile accounts if the name and accounts are the same from the previous address.

Or are you telling me I need to re-instate my internet (and pay installation fees) so that I can be eligible to upgrade my phone??

To change the name, you will need to go to a service center. Cancel her services and reopen yours.

Well, I see that as your problem, not mine. I've been paying you $700 per month forever.

Cancel hers? We'd get charged an early termination fee!

And we'd get charged installation fees if I start internet/cable!

This is the only possible way, unless you pay the remainder of the device off. Then get an upgrade, but must pay the whole device price for that upgrade.

I get that this is not your fault... I get that....but anybody reading this transcript would be laughing, quite honestly.

Because this is ridiculous on so many levels

It's 2018! You can't merge two accounts? I can do that using my 1995 computer - and you're an internet company! I'm sorry for being sarcastic, but it's silly.

If I go, with my wife, to the Xfinity Store, and our IDs and our marriage certificate, ( and kids and dogs if you need it), will they be able to sort this out?

With the account being in two names you were created two different customer account ID's. Each time you move the customer ID travels to the new address. In your case, you are using her  customer ID causing this confusion with the systems. It shows your customer ID as not active for Internet telling Mobile you do not have those services. She has a different Mobile account number associated to her customer ID.


I know all that

So, what can you do to help me?

This is why I cannot merge the accounts. The service will need to be in your name and customer ID. Meaning she will have to cancel her services at your current address so you can get Internet at your current address.

OK...will she pay early termination fees?

Or what about this.... what if I change our internet/cable bill to by under my name?

I can escalate to see if this is possible, but there is not guarantee. That will be up to Internet as this is not in our control.

Then I WILL have internet/cable AND Mobile with you

Okay, please escalate it. Again, this is NOT your fault. You have been great and you're very knowledgeable

for the ETF

Of course. I am getting the notes in as we speak.


Early Termination Fee

They can still charge you that if deemed liable.


I would hope that it could be waived.

I do agree. Since they are on a different billing system, I cannot make that promise.

Okay. So, let's recap. What is my next move?

Re-instate cable/internet under my name and then cancel it under my wife's yes?

That will be the better way to make sure your Xfinity Mobile account is associated correctly.


This whole thing makes a grown man want to cry.

I am still going escalate the issue to see if it is possible for the merge, but because of these reasons, I am not sure how quick this could be to complete.

Okay thanks