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Mobile Phone Caller ID Incorrect for 6 months

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Mobile Phone Caller ID Incorrect for 6 months

My wife and I purchased new iphone SE s in early November 17 and ported over numbers we both had for years. My wife's phone has had an incorrect caller id (calling someone without her contact) since purchase. I opened a ticket with support about a week or two after purchase and her phone had the correct "wireless caller" ID for about one week. So in almost 6 months and numerous follow-up calls to Support they either say they do not know how to fix the issue and only Verizon can fix it, or, that the prior support person did not get all of the pertinent information which I supplied multiple times. I told the last support person that an Xfinity Support person named KenF on the community forums appears to be able to resolve the issue, so she transferred the ticket to the only peron she found in the Support Department named Ken with with a last name starting with F. This was on February 25th. Also a week later the caller ID changed - but it kept the same incorrect last name and changed the first name to what appears to be a family member of the person whose name appeared my wife's caller ID.

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Re: Mobile Phone Caller ID Incorrect for 6 months


huron75. I am a member of the corporate forums team so they would not be able to reach me as I do not work in their department. I'll take a look at your caller ID issues. Please send me a private message with your full name, address, and phone number tied to your residential services for help. I'll also need the phone numbers of the phones with the wrong caller IDs and the names that appear on those caller IDs.