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Mobile Orders keep getting cancelled and I am in need of desperate help!!!!

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Mobile Orders keep getting cancelled and I am in need of desperate help!!!!

I have placed 5 orders now online and all of them have been cancelled due to security questions I assume. Unlike all the others I have seen, I never got a set of questions emailed to me. The tier 2 email asked me to upload a few documents which I did. The security questions I had to answer were asked to me.over the phone by a rep. I have two separate but important questions. First wuestion is this. My family's Comcast account for our home service is in my wife's name and i am on the account as an authorized user. The bill has her name.on it. But when I made the online profile on the app I used my name. We then made an Xfinity molbile account and that is in my name because the Xfinity account has my name as the user. When I go to order phones I use my wife's information since the main account is in her name. Somehow the orders keep getting cancelled due to insufficient security documentation. A rep then told me that when ordering I need to use my name date of birth and social because the mobile account is in my name or at least that is what shows up on their end. Can this be right? The main home Comcast account is in my wife's name but the Xfinity molile account is in my name? They seem to think so. Both ways the orders keep getting cancelled. Also with my wife's info it only lets me order one phone. I can order one phone and make the payment and place the order but when I try to add a second ohone it states they need to run a credit check. Assuming her credit isn't great lol. But when I used my info it allowed me to order 2 phones without any credit check. Is this normal. And the main question is this. Since we have had absolutely no luck actually getting an order finalized by doing it online can we just go into the store and buy a phone and skip all the BS? And if she was able to purchase one phone online without a credit check, will this be the same if we go into the store? Please help
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Re: Mobile Orders keep getting cancelled and I am in need of desperate help!!!!


Asherbrandon7, I got your private messages and will respond to you there. 




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