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Locked iPhone X. Need help with options

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Locked iPhone X. Need help with options

I joined XM in the beginning of Feb with my own device. Everything worked nice and smooth. As I needed a second line and another device, I decided to buy an iPhone X in the store with the second line(full price, no finance). That happened on the 25 Feb.
Today(27 Feb) I was setting the new device and tried it with my business card. As all you know( and I know now too) the device is locked. I need a phone with business number during the trip. And the trip is tomorrow... I definitely didn’t expect such a surprise from XM. So what options do I have?
1. Return device and buy another one from App Store. Do you know for how long they will process refunds? Any problems with it? Fees?
2. Convince support to unlock the device. Any way that can do it quick enough?

On a side note, can anyone point me to the TS where it says that even if I paid the full price the device will be locked to XM. What if I bought it for another carrier? Why don’t they mention this info anywhere?

Thank you.
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Re: Locked iPhone X. Need help with options

You can return the phone within 30 days and pay a $35 restocking fee. They can also charge you additional money if the phone is not in perfect condition or if it has Find my iPhone still enabled. Note many examples of these charges on this forum.

You can try to get it unlocked, but here's a thread saying they wouldn't do it until you have the phone for a month:

Xfinity policy is here: