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LG X-Charge is obsolete and cannot be used again in Xfinity Mobile network?

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LG X-Charge is obsolete and cannot be used again in Xfinity Mobile network?

I have a LG X-charge phone, bought new from Xfinity store less than 1.5 year ago. About a year ago, I switched phone, and this LG phone was no longer in use. But I paid it off. Now today, I want to re-use this LG phone with Xfinity mobile (re-activate it) and brought it to the store. I was told it is absolete, and there is no way to use it anymore in Xfinity mobile network. The reason provided to me was that, the phone's antenna is no longer compatible with the network requirement, and therefore, it was LG's (phone manufacturer) fault, and Xfinity mobile cannot do anything with it. Somehow, the same exact LG phone that was never de-activated can be grand-fathered and continue to be used in Xfinity mobile network. When I ask for more explanation, I was told I don't have any common sense, and should not go to store before I check the phone's compatibility. I was like.... Really?? I bought this phone from the Xfinity store in Jan 2018!!! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the man refused and said he had explained very clearly to me, and there was no valid reason to escalate it to his supervisor. What a scam!!


Anyway, I need help to be able to re-use this phone in Xfinity mobile network. If this cannot be done, please explain to me in details about why a 1.5 year-old LG phone sold and configured by Xfinity Mobile cannot be added back into the network, but in the meantime, a same-aged iphone x has no problem. Thanks!!



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Re: LG X-Charge is obsolete and cannot be used again in Xfinity Mobile network?

Hold on to your LG for a while and you may be able to “Bring Your Own Phone” sometime in the future. As of today you can only bring your own CDMA compatible iPhone to Xfinity Mobile, but they are showing that you will be able to bring a CDMA compatible Galaxy in the near future, and possibly other android phones later on. 


Unfortunately you unknowingly messed up by dropping your phone from their network. 


As as a side note Xfinity Mobile still uses the Verizon CDMA network which does not require a SIM in the US, but also uses LTE. Verizon is in the midst of phasing out their 2G and 3G CDMA network by the end of the year. Verizon, and Xfinity Mobile, have been providing SIMs in phones for several years as part of this transition and to allow Roaming capabilities in other countries. Their SIMs are essentially inactive in the US for now. This will change.