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LG X Charge - Texting error message " Invalid destination adderss"

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LG X Charge - Texting error message " Invalid destination adderss"

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I am putting this out there because Im not sure what to do. I bought this phone from Xfinity. I LOVE the phone with one big exception. Lately, when I have been sending texs either a message or picture, an error message comes up on the screen that says "Invalid destination address" and the text does not go through, this can be to anyone, either on my contacts list or not, I have contacted Xfinity numerous times. I have done everything they suggested, I have reset my network settings, I have done a factory data reset. They have done a check through Pocket Geek and see nothing wrong with the phone. I have had the phone for mabe 2 or so months. It is out of the 2 week return policy to the Store. LG says that they want me to send them the phone to see if they can repair it but then I would be without a phone for 10-14 days and no one is offering to provide me with a temp phone until it is either repaiired or replaced. Im very frustrated because I use text more than I use talk. I even tried an alternate app called Textra, still has the same issues. I WELCOME ANY suggestions or if anyone has been through this issue. I would be SO grateful if ANYONE could help me resolve this.


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Re: LG X Charge - Texting error message " Invalid destination adderss"


GUYNFTL68, let's make sure the SMS and MMS is a provisioned feature on your line. Please send me a private message with your full name and phone number tied to your residential services for help.

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