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I am getting charged for a phone which I didn't take

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I am getting charged for a phone which I didn't take

We went to portland xfinity stores for the purchase of Iphone 8Plus and Galaxy 8Plus and paid first installement but immedaitely we realized that we don't want these phones because of number portability issues hence we didn't take the phones from the stores. The executive at stores said that this transaction will be cancelled and we will get our refund with-in 2 working days (this has happened on Jan 20th).

After couple of weeks we resolved number portability issues and took 2 iphone 8 Plus from the same stores (on Feb 3rd). When we came back home and logged into the website where its' been shown as we have 3 phones (2 iphone 8Plus and Galaxy 8Plus [which we didn't have]) and I contacted the stores regading the same, I got a case number (14485421) and told me that the Galaxy 8Plus will be removed from my account with-in 48hrs and the money will be refunded. I waited for a week but nothing has happened even with repeated mails to the stores executive and customer care couldn't able to hlep me to resolve the problem.

I finally escalled to croporate escallation department on (Feb 8th) case number :: ESL03186838 and they said they will do the investigation regarding the same and let me know the resolution with-in 72hrs.  I waited for 2 weeks for their response but nothing has happened hence I called them again on feb 20th. The escallation department called me on Feb 25th stating that they are not getting response from the respective stores (not sure why coporate department is so helpless to get the required information from their stores)  but till today I didn't get the response back.

Any idea who else do I need to escallate to get the resolution of this isuse. 

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Re: I am getting charged for a phone which I didn't take

Hi vaninadhk, sorry to hear about your experiences when setting up XM service.  I can help review any updates I am showing on your tickets,  please send me a private message with your account information (your name, address and account number). 


Thank you