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I am a glutton for punishment

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I am a glutton for punishment

My online order and getting my Iphone SEup and going went flawlessly, my service has been great sooooooooooooo, why not order a phone for the wife. Even after all I read and my rant about CS here in the forums, I dove right in The ordering went fine, really very promising with email verification and all. And then the other shoe fell. To over compensate for all the  scamming thats been going on about sending phones to people that didn't buy them or to other cities they do this to XM customers with lines and phones already:    

   We received your order # XXXXXXXX for XFINITY Mobile service submitted on March 1, 2018. Before we can make it official, we just need to verify a few more things.

Note: To keep this order active, you must upload digital copies of the supporting documents listed below to our secure Sharefile site within 72 hours. After we've validated everything, we'll be able to finalize your order.

Here's what we need from you:
• A digital copy of a valid government-issued ID or passport, and
• A digital copy of a utility bill or credit card statement, dated within the last 30 days and including the service address for your XFINITY core account.
If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (844) 963-0011.


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 WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT????? I called immediately to cancel my order. Now I need one of the forum monitors from XM to say hello and how sorry they are to hear about all this so I can give them all the info they need to help me make sure  the cancellation actually happens. The person that cancelled it was from a call center in who knows where, could not give me a confirmation # nor could they send me an email comformation. Like real companies with real CS can do.