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How to replace existing phone for new cannot figure out how to do

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How to replace existing phone for new cannot figure out how to do

Sorry for long post... but maybe someone at Xfinity Mobile will help me...

To the point: Xfinity Mobile cannot figure out how to replace an existing phone with a new phone on their system.  The place is in utter chaos…

Background:  On April 3,  I decided I wanted to give my phone to my son who lives inSouthAmerica. His phone died and their choices there are limited.  So I decided to replace my phone with a new one and unlock my old phone.  A very simple transaction…or so I thought.  I needed to buy out my phone and order a new one.  Went to Xfinity Mobile store and explained what I wanted to do. After waiting, 30 minutes for help….First they said ok…. Then they said…no, we cannot help you UNTIL you buy out the phone. They could not do that in store.  So rather than help me, they gave me a brochure with a phone number and told me to call and buy out the phone.  Person on the line was very happy to get my money and I hung up.  Then got back in line again with bought out phone tried to get new phone.  Now…another and more serious problem…I had the maximum 5 lines and I could not add a new phone/line.  I explained I was not adding anything…I was replacing an existing phone and simply wanted to buy new phone…take old phone off system and put sim card in new phone. That should be simple.  They said they were not capable of doing that and instructed me to call again. More than an hour later, supposedly I had ordered a new phone after many false starts by agent because the system did not want to sell me new phone due to the 5 line issue. Supposedly fixed….so spent three hours in store and still no phone.  Phone to be delivered in 2 days


Two days go by…nothing.  Made call to customer service.  They can’t figure out why phone has not shipped…”You paid for it, don’t know why it has not shipped.”  Will have Level II call you in next day.  No call after 2 days.  Call again…same response and don’t why I never got a call.  Will escalate to Level II again. More days go by.  No call or any contact.  Now going on 12 days.  I am sure I made other calls…I remember one nice lady said she knew a Level II person and would see her once she came into work.  Still no calls.


Called again.  Oh, your order was cancelled. No idea why you were not called.  Offered to order AGAIN. I said no!  Saw the  “bring your own Iphone ads”… in the store and asked that if I bought an unlocked phone from Apple could I have it activated?  Answer was yes…but had to go back to Xfinity store to do it.  Did that.  First they agreed they could do…but then said no they could not.  Explanation: you have maxed out your lines and we cannot add line. Re-explained not adding a line.  Just replacing one phone with another.  Then offered to ditch one of my other phones…temporarily …no could not do that.  Told them I was told by rep on phone I could take apple phone in and have it activated.  Told phone rep was wrong.  ONLY applies if you are coming from another carrier. Rep said that there is no way to add a new phone without canceling the phone…and my phone number…of the old phone.  That means that a customer would have to relinquish their phone and number every time they wanted to upgrade?  Yes. Got managers involved. They agreed it was absurd.  They tried to order a replacement. After more than an hour of work…they could not do. They appeared to be frustrated with their own internal advice.

So, once again, I along with the manager ordered another phone and was assured by the agent that this time it was correct and that other agent had done in wrong. 


Took iphone back to Apple.  Apple techs wanted to try sim card in phone just to see if it worked.  It did work…both phone and data. Left message for manager to cancel order…all was done. Got call back.  Can’t keep that phone.  System will turn you off in a few days. Had to use an Xfinity phone.  So once again I had to go back to Apple to return the phone…with everyone there shaking their head!.


This afternoon…one day after ordering phone I still had no confirmation from Xfinity that phone was going to be shipped.  Called Xfinity…guess what…was told once again phone would not be shipped to me because I had maxed out my number of phone lines!  Contacted the manager again…and she said she is working on it.


I believe that Xfinity Mobile has the potential to be a good service.  But it does not know how to run this business and do the simple, basic things that everyone else can do.  It was hard originally to get these phones up and running…another story.  Recommended to friends who took my advice.  Only to have their existing phones shut off and number taken and no Xfinity phone sent to them.  Needless to say they decided to get their number back and stay with their own carrier.


Everyone is sympathetic and wants to help and have good intentions.  But the system fights them at every turn.  And consumers like me are left with nothing but “I’m sorry” when it comes to quality service…while the company has no problems or glitches in accepting my payments.  If anyone at Xfinity Mobile can help...please do.  I can only hope that the store manager will get this solved.