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Hotspots inconsistent

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Hotspots inconsistent

Question about Xfinity wifi hotspots.

I see my iphone (equipped with the hotspot app and current and working at my house fine) when I travel through my town connect to xfinity wifi and have NO throughput at all. Apps DO NOT work.  I can cut wifi and go wireless with no problem and I can drop the connection to xfinity or select other providers and all works.

Am I hitting some limit for connestions on wireless routers?

Is that the same wifi I would expect when I go Xfinity wireless?

What is the answer?



Re: Hotspots inconsistent

Yes, that's a pretty typical experience. The hotspot service by its nature is going to be spotty. It's not unusual for you to be able to establish a connection to a hotspot, but be too far away to actually use the connection.  With Xfinity mobile, the software automatically connects to the hotspots and uses them if possible. It automatically switches back over to cellular as needed. 

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