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Help with Xfinity Mobile Shipping Claims

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Help with Xfinity Mobile Shipping Claims

I ordered iPhone 12 pro from xfinity mobile back in December 2020. FedEx tracking shows it was delivered but I didn't got the device. Opened FedEx shiping ticket for investigation. FedEx couldn't locate the device so assigned the ticket to claims department for refund of the device and asked me to contact shipper (Xfinity Mobile) as only shipper can file a claim. 


Contacted Xfinity Mobile in December 2020 and opened a ticket for the refund of the device which I never got. They asked me to submit a police report and supporting documents to

I have submitted all the documents but didn't heard back from Xfinity Mobile. I'm calling every week ever since to Xfinity support but no one in support knows what to do and just waste my time (almost an hour for each call). They just keep on fowarding by call the defrent teams like fraud, billing and what not and I have to repeat the story again and again. I'm still paying the instalments for the device which I never recieved. It's so frustating. Any help on how to get it resolved?