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Google Voice Port question/issue

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Google Voice Port question/issue

To qualify for my 250 dollars per phone for galaxy a50 i had to port over 3 numbers to xfinity mobile.  Attempted online, and it failed enough times to auto give me a phone number.  After many calls to support, i finally got 2 numbers ported, but my 3rd i couldnt due to what rate center it was in (thanks to Tier 2 Michelle, and one of her tier 3 contacts).


My initial google voice number wouldnt port either, they couldnt figure out why.  So again i got a new google voice number, paid 3 dollars, set my pin, and unlocked the number for porting.


Michelle then attempted to port this number, and she stated its now processing and showing that the port is going to work.  Looking at my google voice unlock page it shows approved (this was done a few hrs ago). 


Heres my question/issue.  I lost all mobile data on my phone from xfinity mobile within 30 mins of getting off the phone. I now see an activation wizard pop up on my notifications on the phone.  Click on it, but it still shows my xfinity mobile number that was auto activated, and it doesnt show anything about reactivating it. Is this normal during the number port procedure?  I thought my number would remain active until the port completed (i have another phone i'm not worried about it to much).  I just wonder if this is normal.  I've never heard this happening before and the other numbers were ports from metropcs so they were almost instaniously done.


If this is normal please letm e know and i'll just hang tight.  if its not, if someone could advise me on the best possible action (should i just wait till the number is ported, or should i be concerned and do something?) I would appreciate it.





Louis Imbrogno