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Galaxy S8+ Security Patch date?

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Galaxy S8+ Security Patch date?

I just got an S8+ yesterday, and it went through about 5 updates but now it is fully up to date. Yet my security patch date is December 2017. Is Xfinity Mobile just that far behind, is mine missing for some reason, or what? I was under the impression that Samsung released February the other day, so I was wondering when my XM one will get it.



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Re: Galaxy S8+ Security Patch date?

you  will get the  update when its ready    Xfinity Mobile is not the only one runing behide  T-moible  veizon AT&T and  other are still on DEC update has well    and the next update with your sameung S8 will and android 8  and good luck  with that has it  could still some time be for you see it