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Empty box!!!

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Empty box!!!

Hi, I'm an Xfinity cable and internet customer. Recently I've tried to be an Xfinity mobile customer, but after ordering a new iPhone XR and receiving an EMPTY BOX from FedEx I've received nothing but horrible customer service. Every time I call or use the chat to get an update on my case I get told different dates and timeframes as to when I'll be shipped a replacement. Every call last 30 minutes or more and I've received ZERO actually help. It's been over 2 weeks since the it happened and I still have no idea when I'll get the phone I ordered. I'm being treated like it's my fault or something.

Re: Empty box!!!

It's impossible to get an empty box, because XM and FedEx weigh the package before they send it out and XM would've taken in notice the absence of the phone in the shipping box. Check the box that you received and see if there's the weight on it. There always is.