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Drop-other-Xfinity fee raised for 1st Gen too?


Drop-other-Xfinity fee raised for 1st Gen too?

I know that to sign up for Xfinity Mobile you need to have at least one other Xfinity service such as internet or TV.  And that, at least under the original terms, if you later dropped that "other" service, a surcharge of $10/month would be added to your XM service.


But I see in the terms for new, "Second Generation" XM plan, that the surcharge for dropping "other" service is now cited as $20/month.  My question:  Does this $10 to $20 surcharge increase also apply to someone who is grandfathered as a "First Generation" XM user?

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Re: Drop-other-Xfinity fee raised for 1st Gen too?

Rick13611 Thank you for reaching out to us through the forum. To answer your question, the increase in the line access fee for customers who cancel all other Xfinity services (Internet, TV, and/or Voice) applies to everyone. 1st and 2nd generation customers will pay a $20 fee per month per line moving forward.

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