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Double Charged Multiple Times & Horrible Customer Sevice

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Double Charged Multiple Times & Horrible Customer Sevice

November 6, 2017- $90.53 device purchase (taxes and fees)

December 26, 2017- $107.54 November 05-December 05 Bill (by the gig)

December 28, 2017- $45 data switch (from by the gig to unlimited, was told this would go towards my December bill)

January 26, 2018- $80.54 December 05-January 05 bill (was only supposed to be for my device payment plan. First overpayment of $45)

February 1, 2018- $45 Charge for “nonpayment” of my last bill (was never refunded and was told I didn’t really owe the $45 but there was a “glitch” in the computer) This payment is on my bank statement, but not listed on my xfinity account.

February 26, 2018- $80.64 January 05-February 05 bill (Now I’ve paid the $45 four times, but have only had two months of unlimited)

February 27, 2018- $45 refund (one $45 overpayment refunded, still owed another $45)

February 28, 2018- $10.86 charge to my card that I did not authorize nor do I know what the charge is even for.

March 6, 2018- $66.50 bill that should only be for the device payment sine I’ve already paid for my unlimited service.

I was told I would be CREDITED two $45 payments towards my February and March bills. This was supposed to go towards my devices payments since the $45 wasn’t supposed to be charged again in the first place, on top of my being refunded for the two $45 overpayments. I was being credited for being inconvenienced (since they shut my phone off five times for “nonpayment” even though I have never been late nor have I ever missed a payment).


Everytime I call Xfinity I spend the first 30-45 minutes on the phone with the representatives explaining the situation, since no one leaves notes on my account I guess. Even sometimes I need to be escalated to a manager who actually knows whats going on since most of the representatives don't. One person didn't even know the difference between an IMEI number and the SIM card (yet he said he was a specialist). Xfinity's service is good, but to be charged twice a month for my service every month is getting expensive and it's a hassle to speak to people on the phone who are not trained very well. I am hoping to go into the store today and have this resolved but I urge anyone to stay away from Xfinity Mobile if they can. It is the worst customer service i've ever dealt with and they continually rob you and then tell you you're lying about it. I also have my cable and internet with them regrettably. 

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Re: Double Charged Multiple Times & Horrible Customer Sevice

Actually, you're mistaken about one of the $45 overcharges. I agree that the Feb 1st charge is bogus, but they refunded that. However, the Jan 26 charge is valid.

The confusing thing with the XM billing is that unlimited is prepaid, while by-the-gig is postpaid. On Dec 28 you switched to unlimited and were immediately billed $45 for Dec 5 to Jan 5. Then on Jan 5 you are billed $45 for Jan 5 to Feb 5 (paid Jan 26). That's how it works, it's not an overcharge. But their support isn't very good at explaining it.