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Domestic Cellular VOICE Roaming


Domestic Cellular VOICE Roaming

I am considering switching to Xfinity Mobile. 


My current carrier, Verizon, does not charge Domestic Cellular VOICE roaming charges if I am, say, calling while driving through one of the areas of the country their network does not cover.


What would happen in a similar situation with Xfinity Mobile?  Would the phone roam when I am outside reach of the Verizon cellular voice network, or just would I just lose the ability to call or text?  If it roams, would there be any charges, and if so, what are they?  And if there *would* be charges, is there a way I could disable domestic cellular voice/text roaming on my account (since phones only seem to have an option to disable *data* roaming)?






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Re: Domestic Cellular VOICE Roaming


Rick1361, I haven't come across forum users in XFINITY Mobile who have been charged for domestic roaming. 


I have had customers who are at the edge of coverage and had to dial numbers twice in order to place a call. There isn't a "fix" for this as the phones are working as intended when coverage is less than optimal. 



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Re: Domestic Cellular VOICE Roaming

That doesn't really answer the question, and I have not been able to find a clear answer in my XM plan documentation.


Is there a charge for domestic roaming when one is using XM plan celluar voice and/or data?


Am I at risk of incurring roaming charges [charges not included in my plan] when using the phone domestically? Is it safe (from a no additional charges perspective) turning on roaming via my phone settings?