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Dispute incorrect roaming charges ($140+)

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Dispute incorrect roaming charges ($140+)

I have been incorrectly charged more than $140 in international roaming fees. When I travelled to HongKong, I used my phone data just once to get some info. It could not have been more than few MB. But next day, it shows my charges as $140+ with 1 GB of data used.

I called xfinity mobile, they transferred me to international roaming dept. Agent took his time and said those were incorrect charges and would issue a refund. It's been 2 months and 4-5 calls and I still haven't got a refund.

Anyone else facing this? How do I dispute this?


Re: Dispute incorrect roaming charges ($140+)

Have you checked the data usage on your device's settings? Trust me, once you turn data or wifi on after a while you while use A LOT of data because every app on your phone is trying to sync up and get all the notifications out to you when you haven't had a type of internet connection for a while.