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Dismal LTE data speeds

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Dismal LTE data speeds

Having previously been with Verizon for the last two years, I recently made the switch to xfinity mobile.    While I'm looking forward to the significant savings, I'm not overly impressed with the LTE data speeds.  


While on Verizon I was consistently obtaining a minimum of 25 MBps up to 110 Mbps for downloads.  And my uploads were up to approx 20 Mbs. 


After switching to xfinity, I'm seeing a dismal 4-9 Mbps for downloads with upload speeds consistent with what I was seeing with Verizon.


These tests were all performed in the same location, and on the same phone hardware.   I can only conclude that either Comcast is purposedly throttling down the service (I'm on a per gig plan - so I haven't exceeded my 20gig monthly) or their backend infrastructure is severly undersized to support the needs of their customers.


Is anyone else seeing similiar results?    What is Comcast doing to improve the data speeds? 





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Re: Dismal LTE data speeds


sirbwolf74, thanks for reaching out. We do not slow down speeds on the By the Gig plans. 


Have you tried running these tests at a different location? Please let me see if you see change in speeds at a different area.

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Re: Dismal LTE data speeds

I have the same problem with LTE speed that is useless.
I work in the Boston Metro area and have Cellular Service that takes forever to change pages with my IPhone X.
It seems to have slowed down after I changed to by the Gig.
What’s up with that?