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On September the 2nd I ordered 5 lines isf service @ xfinity store @ Cherry shill, NJ.
5 Iphones 2 was in stock 3 was out of stock but I was told the 3 was at the ware house and I could get all 5 phones in 2 working days, the 2nd was a Saturday and Monday was a holiday understood. On wednsaday I called to inquire they said the two was in stock and couldn’t ship those two with out the other three on back order. Should get phones in two days! On 8th I called no update, now the whole time my $309.00 for taxes was taken out of my credit card. So the 9 th I found a xfinity store with all five phones, so I wanted to cancel the order, however they couldn’t fill so I could reorder and repay taxes for the phones in store, and wait for my refund for unfulfilled ordered? Xfinity said no I can’t cancel my order because it is in process, but they have no shipment date . So after contacting my credit card company I got a provisional credit on 9/12. On 9/14 xfinity said they can’t fulfilled the order the back ordered phones will never be filled then they credited my account. If they would of done that when I was in the store I would of had all my phones and service. This was 9/15. On 9/14 I had already started new service with Verizon, very happy!!! Bad customer service from online staff.
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Golden95, this is not the experience I wanted for you and I'm sorry to hear you've decided to leave. Please let me know if you need anything further assistance. 

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