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I have been waiting before launch to find the right time to switch from Verizon to Xfinity. I have been holding out for one of two things: either a phone that caught my interest over my S7 or the ability to bring my current hardware. When the S9 was announced I was excited. I called and placed an order for S9 and S9+ the first day the preorders came. I waited for the phones to ship out, and when they did a few days back I was stoked. Yesterday I saw they were due to be delivered. By 8 am FedEx said there was a delivery exception, so I called customer service. The rep was great and recommended to call FedEx to get some more details and then call back if they couldn't fix it. FedEx said Xfinity requested the shipment to be recalled. Confused I called again to the Xfinity team. The rep I spoke with was nice, but suggested it was caused by a 3 bad delivery attempts ... um yeah I don't think so as the it didn't hit the local distribution hub until today. I asked to speak to a manager hoping they could find out something else. After waiting on hold for a good amount of time I got a manager. Her solution was wait until the phone was returned then to reorder the phone. Seriously? At this point I became annoyed by the resolution and requested to cancel my order. I am not sure what I am going to do as normally Xfinity's team has been great, maybe their mobile team is different. 

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Seems odd. I just switched from Verizon to Xfinity Mobile and had no problems related to shipment, activation, etc. Please post an update when available. I'd be interested in knowing how it turned out.