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Device listed on Site

So a while back i upgraded to the XS Max and gave my wife the X. Hers phone shows up correct in the listed devices, but mine shows that i still have an X as well. the imei and iccid are both correct, just that the phone description is wrong. My ocd being what it is kicked in..... is there any way to correct it so that my line shows the correct phone, type and size?

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Re: Device listed on Site

I would leave it be. Gonna be more hassle than it's worth. This companies incompetence will worried leave you with no line no number. All kinds of issues no telling. They don't know how to fix things like this. And if they remove the IMEI. It may even need up the phone you have to your wife if i read correctly.
If they remove it from your account it's gone never to be used on xifinity again.