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DOB/SSN not correct?!

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DOB/SSN not correct?!

Tried to order a new phone, filled out all my info, then it tells me my DOB/SSN is wrong.  Now - there is a chance I could have mistyped, but being prior military, I used to get paid by relaying these two details over and over.   I know this information like the back of my hand.

Further, it kicked me out of my cart, where the order is, and now has locked me out so I can't even access the order I "misentered" the information on.

You really don't want my money that badly Xfinity?  I've tried to resolve this myself 3 different ways so I could order one of your most expensive phones, and instead you lock me out and tell me I don't know my own personal info.  C'mon....

Don't make me have to throw 1400 at some other carrier for a new phone for god sakes.