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Comcast, Please consider adding 3rd party Authenticator apps such as Google & Microsoft

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Comcast, Please consider adding 3rd party Authenticator apps such as Google & Microsoft

Comcast, when will you change with technology updates concerning 3rd party authenticator apps?


Everyone doesn't want nor need one app to control one account, which is why people want to use a Google or Microsoft authenticator app instead of their Xfinity authenticator app.


If there was money involved being generated by the apps in question then I would understand, but there is not. Plus, Comcast would save money by not having to pour money into the maintenance of an app that can be handled by other trusted sources, aka Google or Microsoft.


My Microsoft Authenticator app handles all my Google accounts , Amazon, and adding others. Please understand, you mentioned in another post (that is closed) that you wanted people to use the Xfinity authenticator app for Touch ID / Fingerprint approval, but those security measures have proven to be easily bypassed, and if i want notifications I'll have you send it to my email or phone thru-text.


Comcast, please update your authentication process to include other authenticator apps for Multi-factor authentication. Thanks!!!



Comcast, please get with technology updates and consider your customer needs, not your wants.


Comcast Two-factor authentication (email & texts) vs. Multi-Factor authentication 3rd party apps

Comcast Authenticator app vs. Google Authenticator vs. Microsoft Authenticator app


Make your customers Happy!!! Smiley Happy



And please, update the way people can vent their desires, misunderstood as complaints via this forum...

Do you know how long it took for me to figure out how to post a new comment?

And I still haven't figured out how to add tags. Smiley Sad All I could add was the tags you generated for me.

And, how do you even delete a comment? I had to erase the contents of a previous post and replace the content with blanks and two letters just to remove alter the post.