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Combine Accounts After Move

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Combine Accounts After Move

I have an Xfinity Mobile account along with Cable and Internet. My boyfriend has all of that as well. We moved in together and he had to close his Internet  and cable accounts. In doing so Xfinity is charging him $20/month due to no accounts other than his mobile. We want to combine our accounts because we are under one roof. We were told "Xfinity Mobile does not have the capability to do so unless we pay off his phone" (which is not going to happen, he pays on it monthly as most people do.) Since we cannot pay off his phone, we are forced to get a charge of $20 every month on his account. We were told that we need to call each month when the charge shows up to get it credited and it is up to the person on the phone, whether or not they can or will remove the charge. 


Please tell me how this is ok? I will escalate this as high as I possibly can until we get a solution that makes sense. It feels as if we are being punished because he moved and Xfinity is making it harder for us to transition into the move instead of easier as all of their commercials say. 

We have suggested: Adding him to my cable/internet bill. We were told that wont change anything with his mobile account.

We have suggested: Having an automatic credit of $20/month on the bill. We were told that cant happen.

We have suggested: Moving him over to my mobile account. We were told that cant happen, that they do not have the capabilities to do so.


I need answers and as you can see, this is not fair to your customers. This cant be the first time this has happened. We need this figured out. 


Thank you. 

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Re: Combine Accounts After Move

Hi LEIGH6899,

My apologies for the inconvenience. There is no easy fix for this situation, but we are more than willing to do further research for you to attempt to implement a fix for this situation. Per policy, both the mobile and the residential accounts need to reflect the same customer data in order to get the line access fee discount.

At this point, your boyfriend’s mobile device needs to be on your mobile account to get the discount. What prevents us from adding your boyfriend’s mobile device to your account is the device payment plan (DPP), of which cannot be transferred from one account to another.

At your earliest convenience, click on my name “ComcastChrisL” and then click on “send message” so that you can message me privately. When you do so, make sure to include the account numbers and first and last names for both accounts.  

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