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Charging me a 2 return phones at warehouse

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Charging me a 2 return phones at warehouse

Hi, I recently exchanged 2 defective phone by mail. The defective phone was shipped back with there return label provide by them on 1/04/2018 and the other on the 1/09/2018 with FedEx website received and sign as received at Xfinity's supply chain warehouse in Texas. Now they disconnected my phone's . I then call to talk to a customer service representative and they verify that the phones was received at there warehouse so they excalated to Tier 2 . Today they call me and said that they don't understand how the representative told me that it was at there warehouse. That they don't have it there. I told them that FedEx info says that was delivered and sing by there agent. Tier 2 rep told me that if they don't find it I will have to file a claim to FedEx myself. Tier2 agent will call me tomorrow for a resolution. I really have been having very bad experience with Xfinity's mobile since day one. The company is very disorganized I was charged one time $1xxx thank God that the bank rejected but it still on the system.but they did charge me for the other $7xx.xx (deducted from my bank account) ( after xfinity received the phone back). I need my bank account credited back as this is my rent money and they had charge me $100.00 late fee. Is not the customer responsibility to do claims when it was received by Xfinity's warehouse employee. Please resolve this asap

I hope an Xfinity rep reviews my situation, as I am increasingly frustrated with this process
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Re: Charging me a 2 return phones at warehouse


josetimbal, thanks for posting. Let's check on those returns. Please send me a private message with your full name, residential account number and address for help.

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