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Charged $733.11 for returning Even Exchange Phone LATE`

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Charged $733.11 for returning Even Exchange Phone LATE`

I requested an even exchange on March 6th and a replacement was sent that week to me via fedex on march 8th.  

I then was in the middle of moving to a new apartment and misplaced the fedex return box and then found it a few weeks after. 

Xfinity Mobile then received it on April 11th in their possession unharmed and in brand new condition as it was just a manufacturer defective phone.  Now it is april 24th and my card tried to be charged $733.11 for the cost of the device even though my even exchange was free. I contacted xfinity Mobile online "Daryl" and he said that i was charged the entire cost of the device for returning it late.  I told him i had never once been treated that was in all my life (i am 36 years old and not once treated this way) and that this is how companies lose customers forever. I then looked up how many issues other people had with this new cell service "Xfinity Mobile" and their is SO MANY complaints online about this topic. i told him i was going to cancel my Xfinity Mobile (two lines) and my Xfinity TV , Internet , and Phone account.  I am a loyal Comcast customer and customer service was always great until i dealt with the Mobile side of the company.  How does a company get away with charging almost $800 for a phone that was returned late? Is this how the company makes its money? I will post this as many times as possible and keep calling and chatting online until this is resolved.  I am very upset by this , this is not how u treat a loyal customer.  

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Re: Charged $733.11 for returning Even Exchange Phone LATE`


mlewis1982, sorry to hear about your experience. When a device isn't returned within the return window, you are automatically charged for the cost of the device until the warehouse receives and processes it. Once that is done and the device is in good condition, you will be refunded.