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Cell Signal strength noticably dropped

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Cell Signal strength noticably dropped

We have had xfinity service for about 18 months and it's been awesome.  But, sometime in October we started noticing that the calls were taking longer to go through at our home and it's gotten worse.  I often only have 1 bar or none at all and it's not even flipping to roaming.  I have to go out side to get a text to send or sometimes to get a call to go through.


I've noticed some people on verizon forums stating the same issues this calendar year.  I have called xfinity support and opened a ticket but have not heard anything.  Chat support says "we're updating our billing platform and are experiencing some issues"...but how does the billing platform affect cell strength?


At home right now I'm typically at -120 decibels


Is there anything going on with cell towers or service issues in the 98296 zip code?  

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Re: Cell Signal strength noticably dropped

I'm bumping this up because apparently no one else has seen it and no one cares.


Am I the only one with this issue?  I used to have 3 bars in my house.  At this moment today I have an X.  I have to go outside, turn on airplane mode, turn it off again just for it to find some service.  

Comcast? You there?