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Cannot get WIFI calling or LTE voice

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Cannot get WIFI calling or LTE voice

I am so frustrated.  I have an iphone 8 that I purchased directly from apple and originally used on verizon.  I have been trying for months to get my wifi calling to work on this phone.  Everytime i try I get the same message "To allow Wi-Fi calling on this account, contact Xfinity Mobile"

I've done that by phone and in person at a store.  I've reset the network settings.  I've reset the  phone.  Everything is updated.  I have the same issue with LTE voice and again get directed to contact Xfinity Mobile.  My husband, who has an iphone 8 bought through Xfinity has no issues with either LTE voice or wifi calling.  How do I find someone who can actually fix this issue?  The phone people tried but the store people were clueless!


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Re: Cannot get WIFI calling or LTE voice

nhmayflower, appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us on the forums! As long as your IMEI and sim card match on the system as they do in person, XFINITY mobile support should be able to realign your device features so that you are provisioned for wiFi calling and voLTE. Do you know if they opened a ticket with Tier 2 support to get this done? I can also confirm this in your account if you send me a private message with your full name and the last four digits of your card on file. 



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Re: Cannot get WIFI calling or LTE voice

I am having the same issue. Can you help me
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Re: Cannot get WIFI calling or LTE voice

11/24/2018 - this worked for an iPhone 7 running iOS 12.

Turn off WiFi.

Select Cellular and turn on Cellular Data.

Shut down and restart phone. 

Turn on WiFi and be sure you’re connected to your router. 

Cellular Data should still be turned on. 

Select WiFi Calling.

Turn on WiFi Calling. 

After several seconds you should get a screen asking for your emergency address.

Fill out and submit that screen.

Leave WiFi Calling turned on.

You can turn off Cellular Data.

To test...

Turn on Airplane Mode to prevent the phone from using normal cell service. 

Be sure your WiFi is still on and you’re connected to your router. 

(At the top left-hand corner of your screen you should see the airplane, "XM WI-FI," and the WiFi symbol.)

Make or receive a call. 

After testing...

Turn off Airplane Mode so your phone will work normally.