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Can't activate visual voicemail

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Can't activate visual voicemail


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New Pixel 4 XL.

Ported my phone number from Verizon.

Updated to latest android 11.

Installed no apps.  Stock android 11.



The old primitive dial-menu *86 voicemail does work.

BUT the Phone app Visual Voicemail does not work.


Phone app vomits this message:  "Can't activate visual voicemail"

Toggled it off-on in Phone setttings > voicemail.   Perpetually says "Activating voicemail" there.

Tried Xfinity Mobile Voicemail app from google Playstore.

It says it's not compatible with this phone.

Wasted hours with inattentive Xfinitymobile tech support Chat.  Accomplished nothing.

Uninstalled and reinstalled Phone app updates.  (no option to uninstall phone app).  No change.

Status bar Notification History shows lots of "Syncing voicemail data" entries.

(There are mysterious "My Verizon Services" notifications in Notification History too.)



How do I get this Phone app Visual Voicemail to activate?