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COMPLAINT: Accelerated device payment resulted in sudden $700 charge

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COMPLAINT: Accelerated device payment resulted in sudden $700 charge

I'm a loyal Xfinity Mobile customer - no late payments, was on a 24 month device payment plan. Fast forward - March 2019 - I receive a notice via email that Xfinity Mobile moved to a new billing system. A bit concerned, I checked my account, and see a mystery $700 charge saying I owe in full for the balance of my iPhone.


If you received a $700 bill out of the blue, how would you feel?


I've called over (15) times over the past 3 weeks trying to get this reversed (spoke to Anna in Tucson, Sherrell in Washington, Kristen, Shanque, etc)


Here is what they tell me eat time:

1. Supervisor is out to lunch

2. Supervisor is in a meeting

3. Supervisor doesn't come in until 11am

4. Someone will call me back (they never do)

5. SR# needs to go to the 'SWAT' team - who does not accept phone calls or chats and we are at their mercy when they decide to research and resolve (it's been close to 3 weeks now)

6. Supervisor has no access to issue system credits - access revoked from them


Here are a few of the existing SR's:




I have this $702.03 accelerated device payment scheduled to hit my credit card in a few days from now.


I need someone that is empowered to help!


Thank you.