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Beyond Frustrated - No iPhone, Customer Service Lies

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Beyond Frustrated - No iPhone, Customer Service Lies

Our family was interested in buying phones with Xfinity Mobile.  We started with an online order for the iPhone 7 Plus assigned to our daughter.  The online ordering process was fine and the order was processed on Friday, April 6th.  My daughter used her own debit card for the initial purchase and planned to pay monthly for the phone.


On April 7th, we received an email requesting documents to be uploaded (driver's license, utility bill showing address, etc).  No problems uploading the information.  We received a shipping confirmation on Monday, April 8th.


Since we all work, it is unlikely anyone will be home to sign for the phone.  Like any other order, we take the door tag to the FedEx facility and sign for it there after 5:00 PM.  After the first delivery attempt on April 11th, I took the door tag to FedEx and expected to sign for it.  However, the FedEx worker let us know that this package can only be signed for at the address.  He added that it's a known problem with Comcast shipments.  They request a direct signature at the address listed on the package.  FedEx says the only way to sign for it at the facility is if Comcast removes the shipping restriction.


I contact live chat about the situation.  The assure me that it can be signed for at the FedEx facility.  I took the second door tag to FedEx the next day Thursday, April 12th expecting to sign for it.  The same guy at FedEx reminds me that I cannot sign for it over the counter.  I told him the Xfinity Mobile rep said it should be fine to sign for it.  He said my information was wrong.  He has experienced this with multiple orders with Comcast.  It's a "known problem."


I contact Xfinity Mobile by phone and live chat on April 12th trying to get the delivery situation resolved.  They created a ticket and escalated it to a higher department.  All I was asking is to remove the restriction so I can sign for it at the FedEx facility.  The live chat rep suggested I call the Xfinity Mobile customer service and get them to contact FedEx to resolve the issue.  The rep on the phone said that it was unnecessary and would not call FedEx and just to sign for it at the FedEx facility.  I had to repeat myself multiple times that FedEx will not let me sign for it over the counter!  


On Friday, April 13th I call Comcast again to explain the problem.  They said no worries, after the third delivery attempt you can sign for it at the FedEx facility.  They just need to try three delivery attempts at the address before you can sign for it at the FedEx warehouse.  Okay, I thought problem solved.  Wrong!  I went back with the third door tag, showed a different FedEx rep my ID, she brings the package in front of me less than six feet away and she says, "This is a Comcast package, it requires a direct signature at the address."  Again, can't sign for it over the counter.


I decide to go back to FedEx on Saturday morning to speak with a supervisor or someone with authority.  I was told the same information that it cannot be released over the counter.  Same response when calling FedEx by phone.  So, I asked what now?  The phone will be sent back to Comcast.


I contacted live chat through Xfinity Mobile explaining the shipping restriction problem.  They apologized and this was the first representative that confirmed the package MUST be signed for at the address NOT at the FedEx facility.  I don't know why the previous representatives were lying to me.  The representative said she will waive the $35 restocking fee and issued a $50 credit in our Xfinity account.  She suggested that we order again when we know for sure someone will be home to sign for it.  I decided I will burn a vacation day on Monday, April 23rd.  The rep suggested we order on the 17th to guarantee there will be a delivery attempt on Monday the 23rd.


The second order was made on Tuesday, April 17th and received confirmation via email.  On Thursday, April 19th I realized there was no shipping confirmation.  So I call them, they needed verification.  Really?  I uploaded all of the documents for the first order for 'Tier 2' and that's not enough?  After going through the verification process, the representative cannot guarantee that a delivery attempt will be made on Monday, April 23rd.  I said forget it.  The whole point of the second order was to be sure I would be home to sign for it.  I asked if it can be shipped overnight arriving on the 23rd or delaying the ship date to adjust my vacation day from work.  The rep was no help.  The order was cancelled.  I planned to order again on the 24th and use my vacation day from work on the 30th.  The Xfinity rep tells me I can go directly to the Xfinity store and buy one.  I had no idea I could buy from the Xfinity store.


On Thursday, April 19th I go to the Xfinity store with my daughter to finally buy the iPhone.  The store representative tells us your account has been flagged for fraud.  Unbelievable!  He explains nothing can be done on their end.  I have to call the fraud department. I call the fraud department and explain the situation.  They said no worries, a ticket number has been issued and escalated to an account specialist.  You will receive a phone call within 24 hours.  The rep explains I should be able to return to the store to order the phone after the flag for fraud has been removed.


After not receiving a call on Friday, April 20th or Saturday, April 21st, I decide to contact Xfinity live chat.  I provided the ticket number.  Of course, they cannot help me.  They 'escalated the ticket' to a 'higher department.'  The rep cannot explain why I have not received a call or what the status is at this time.


I learn that my daughter was not refunded the full amount after the phone was shipped back to Comcast.  The difference is $35.  So, again I have to call Xfinity Mobile and explain that the $35 restocking fee was supposed to be waived.  The representative tells me that since the iPhone was returned for a refund there is a mandatory $35 restocking fee.  I explained the phone was never delivered to us.  I read from the snapshot of the conversation from April 14th that the $35 will be waived and we would be credited $50 to our Xfinity mobile account.  The rep continued to say all orders returned for a refund will be charged the $35 fee.  The rep was not understanding or didn't care that I was told the fee would be waived.  I have no way of knowing if we actually received a $50 credit in our Xfinity mobile account.


This entire experience has been frustrating.  I cannot believe how difficult it is to get a phone delivered or purchased in the store.  I was fed misinformation throughout the process.  We were told no $35 restocking fee because of the inconvenience.  It was through no fault of our own.  No one at Xfinity is communicating or documenting the issues, I had to repeat myself again and again each time I called or contacted live chat.  I'm tired of being promised resolutions to these issues when there has been no action.


Does anyone have a suggestion?  A phone number to someone with authority at Xfinity that can fix the false fraud problem?  Do I file a complaint with the FCC?  I feel like I am out of options and tired of the lies from the Xfinity customer service representatives.

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Re: Beyond Frustrated - No iPhone, Customer Service Lies



Thanks for reaching out. The manual review process initially began because your daughter used her card to process the original order. This means, every order moving forward will go through the same verification process. This is because her name on the card didn't match the name on the account. 


The $35 restocking fee is usually never refunded. It can be credited to your account once approved. We do not process XFINITY Mobile credits via the forums, so I recommend calling them again and requesting a $35 credit rather than a  $35 refund. 


It sounds like the returned devices have not cleared at the warehouse yet. This can take up to 30 days. Once that is done, you can try purchasing at the store again. 





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