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Best way to get BYOD iPhone switched with active line

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Best way to get BYOD iPhone switched with active line

I currently have an iPhone SE (bought directly from XM) and is currently registered to my number. I have purchased an iPhone XR (unlocked and bought from a third party) that I would like to have as my primary device.

I’m guessing I can just swap out the SIM card easily enough, but it means that XM wouldn’t have the correct information in their systems (would show as an SE still I guess?).

Support said I couldn’t just walk into the Xfinity store and have the switch things to my new phone. They also said if I port the XR into XM they can’t simply swap the numbers/devices for the SE/XR.

Is there a graceful way of getting the new XR officially onto XM? Or am I ok hot swapping the SIM, and forget what the XM site says about the device that’s hooked up?
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Re: Best way to get BYOD iPhone switched with active line

Shanklove, thanks for posting these awesome questions on the forum! 


First thing you want to do is check to see if the new XR device is compatible. Please use this site: to check. 


Once you've done that, activate the device (details on the site above). If you want to swap the lines from phone to phone, the only way to do that is by swapping the sims, as you stated. We do not encourage swapping sim cards. Sometimes, provisioning for one device is tied to the sim so you may come across feature issues if you swap the sim. But if you decided to swap the sims (from one eligible device to another), you should be able to make phone calls, browse the web, etc. If you come across feature issues like voLTE or voicemail, you can attempt to replace the existing sim cards with new replacements with no provisioning history. 



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