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Bait n switch

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Bait n switch

I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S9 using this springs $400 rebate promotion. It Should have been here in October so i called Xfinity mobile 12/2/18 to check on it.
Low and behold I "don't qualify " because 'I' didn't import my old number when i activated with Xfinity.
I spent 2 DAYS and about 4 hours on the phone with Xfinity employees just getting them to try and activate the phone.
Impossibly NONE of the Xfinity employees could import my number - this despite my repeating to each employee that I'm Terminally Ill and HAD to keep my old number because of my many doctors, etc.
This is the most agregeous case of Bait and Switch I've ever heard of.
Who ever heard of wireless employees who couldn't import a phone number??
And since my husband and I are getting by on my disability Xfinity Stole Our Christmas!!
Can't even get out of the contract because Xfinity said I'd be responsible for $599 immediately.
After working all my life, we've got about $36 to last all month after we pay Bills, including Xfinity.
But, you all go ahead and have a merry Christmas
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Re: Bait n switch

Hello GMAZIMM, we do not want you to feel this way. I understand that this kind of issue can be frustrating, but please know that these deals are not meant to bait you in with false promises or expectations. It is and has been a requirement to have a phone number ported over with your device to be eligible for the BYOD rewards cards. Feel free to reach back out to me here if you have any additional questions or concerns regarding your account or any Xfinity products, I am more than happy to get each concern addressed for you. 

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