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BYODi Activation Remotely

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BYODi Activation Remotely



My wife is using LG X charge and somehow mobile doesn't turn on.

She is India and will be there for few months but need to continue with Xfinity Mobile service Internationally.

She has an spare iPhone 6s and need to know if there is way that BYOD activation can be done remotely and I'll collect the new sim from Xfinity store and send it over to India. 

Please suggest.

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Re: BYODi Activation Remotely


rakeshsaha, unfortunately, all BYOD activation must be done in store at this time. 


It might be easier to troubleshoot her data issues on her LG X Charge. Does she have the roaming features on her data settings turned off? I will mention while overseas and using mobile data, she will incur roaming charges. I recommend using wiFi while overseas. While in India, mobile data is $.30/MB.