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BYOD and Wifi Calling for Android Phones

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BYOD and Wifi Calling for Android Phones

I am in the process of switching five phones from Verizon to Xfinity.  My daughter uses one of the phones in Homer, Alaska and relies heavily on wifi calling because cellular coverage there is so limited.   I've therefore decided to let her stay on Verizon until Xfinity offers wifi calling on Android phones.  In the meantime, she needs a new phone and I would like to get her one that will eventually be a BYOD for Xfinity so I don't have to buy another new phone when wifi calling is available and I switch her to Xfinity.  Is there any way to determine which Android phones will eventually become BYOD for Xfinity?


Re: BYOD and Wifi Calling for Android Phones

Direct answer to you Q, nobody knows.


I highly suggest u do not rely on xfinity to provide you this service, judging from the posts here and also my personal experience, u maybe waiting for a long time. Just use one of the many VOIP Apps, not as convinient but certainly more reliable and is here and is now.

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Re: BYOD and Wifi Calling for Android Phones

frank_w, information about WiFi calling or BYOD for android device has not been announced yet. We are expecting to get these services out there soon. 



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