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BYOD Upgrade

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BYOD Upgrade

I brought my own iPhone to Xfinity Mobile recently and was told I would have to wait the entire year to be able to upgrade to a new phone...Is this true? Also I never turn in my old phones when I upgrade, Is this a requirement for upgrading on Xfinity Mobile and keeping your same number?


It seems like what is being said is you have to pay the upgrade fee, wait 1 year from activating service, turn in your old phone, and buy a new one from this really how it works?


It was not explained to me when I brough my phone over that I would have wait and entire year before I was able to upgrade. 

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Re: BYOD Upgrade


Hello mk504, you can only upgrade your equipment after 12 months if you have a "Device Payment Plan" in place with us to pay off your current equipment. If you brought the phone over from another carrier, you can take advantage of purchasing a phone through our online store or any Xfinity mobile store in your area.