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BYOD Issues

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BYOD Issues

I started by service on 1/29/18 and have had issues ever since.  I emailed the Mobile President Mr. Butz and was called back in 24 hours by his escalation team.  They informed me that there are major issues with the BYOD and that they are working on fixing them.  To start there were certain numbers that I could not get through to and a few people that could not leave me VM.  I do not know how to contact this escalation team and I am now having more issues. They gave me a work around that is no longer working as of today.

I am to the point where I need to switch back to Verizon as this is my business and personal phone.  Below are the new issues, if you have the info to the corporate escalation team please send it to me or if you can assist.

1.  Cannot call any 800 or 888 phone numbers

         i. System states call cannot be completed as dialed.  That includes your technical support number as well

2. Cannot connect through your *611 

         i. System states call cannot be completed as dialed.

3.  No one can leave me a VM now 


I need to hear back from someone today


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Re: BYOD Issues


mdm1060, thanks for posting here. I'd be happy to look into these issues as they may be tickets out to XFINITY Mobile support for them already. If not, I will open them myself. Please send me a private message with your full name and the phone number associated with your residential account for help.