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BYOD Android VOLTE Not Supported?

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BYOD Android VOLTE Not Supported?

I was told that BYOD for Androids does not support VOLTE. Which some people call HD Voice and also enables you to talk on your phone and use your data at the same time. My current phone Samsung Galaxy S8 had no issues doing this on AT&T but the option is not present on Xfinity Mobile. Support was not going to escalate my issue but eventually did. Here is what I was told. 


I totally understand you Paul, but our policy on regards VolTe states that all our devices support VolTE, so since your device is not from us we can't troubleshoot it so it can support it.
Roberto G 2:49:59 PM
The policy does not state that any BYOD device DO NOT support VOLTE. It only confirmed Xfinity device do support this feature. I will be switching back to AT&T because my job requires me to be on my phone and be able to open emails at the same time. 
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Re: BYOD Android VOLTE Not Supported?

Works fine in my un-approved Moto XPE.

Just needed to enable it in the settings.