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BEWARE - Promised GiftCard at Point of Sale -Transferring Carriers -Now Being Told I Never Qualified

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BEWARE - Promised GiftCard at Point of Sale -Transferring Carriers -Now Being Told I Never Qualified

I transferred 3 lines from Verizon over to Xfinity Mobile prior to Thanksgiving. We went into the Xfinity store to get my friends TV X1 box changed and the associate helping us told us we could save some money by transferring our cell phone services to Xfinity Mobile and would get $100 for each line transferred. 


My transferred her line and I transferred 3 lines. We reached out to Xfinity after Thanksgiving to get an update and were told it was $150 per line and would have to wait 4-8 weeks. We called again in December and were told the same thing and the rep opened a case for us. Called back in January and were told we needed to contact the Visa gift card team. Gift card team notified us that the promotion ended in October and we dont qualifiy and we need to reach out to Xfinity Mobile. 


Spoke with Xfinity Mobile rep who transferred call to Supervisor, then Senior Supervisor who was only able to issue $100 credit to account and stated they sent an email to thier Manager for the remainder $200 and the Manager would get back to me witin 24-48 hours - guess what - NO ONE CALLED!


Round 2 - same pattern - asked to speak directly to Manager - was never put through - went fro mrep to supervisor to senior supervisor who assued me I would receive a call from the Manager within 24-48 hours. Now I'm being told the max credit they can issue for the account is $100!!! 2 weeks have gone by and NO ONE CALLED!!!


Round 3 - called today and this time the rep flat out said cant help - you need to go to the store - was transfered to supervisor who was relutant to get on the phone and said we can't do anything for you. This person even said that a note was put in the account back in November saying that I did not qualify for the promotion. When I asked him how was I notified - he did not have an answer - you know why - because I was never notified!!!


This is horrific experience with Xfinity Mobile. I'm so fed up trying to deal with this whole situation - evern tried Twitter and no one seems to want to help!


Talk about some shady sales tactics!!! We had to call in for my friends account to get the $100 credit issued to thier account. I'm out $200 plus whatever fees I paid Verizon to activate the 3 line with them first prior to porting the line over to Xfinity.



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Re: Mobile Service Rewards

I'm have the same problem. The sales rep told my friend and I that we would get $100 gift card for each line ported over and now they are saying we never qualified and we activated our lines in November and the promotion had ended in October.


I've been on 8 calls total and have now taken on to Twitter as no one is trying to help. So far I've only been able to get a $100 credit issued to the account but am still missing $200. Forget the giftcards they don't even want to issue credit to my account for the $300 I was promised at the point of sale. 


Talk about shady sales tactics!  My friend couldn't believe it and she's been with Comcast since 1989. 


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Re: BEWARE - Promised GiftCard at Point of Sale -Transferring Carriers -Now Being Told I Never Qu...

Toppgunn1, thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about your experience. Let's check on the status of your reward cards. Please send me a private message with your full name and phone number for help. 


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Re: BEWARE - Promised GiftCard at Point of Sale -Transferring Carriers -Now Being Told I Never Quali