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Awful experience with xfinity mobile purchase

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Awful experience with xfinity mobile purchase

I am a long time Xfinity cable/Internet user, and generally be happy with those service.


My recent attempt to add Xfinity mobile service has been frustrating and awful. I did five calls to make sure that my order would go through, and it ended up getting canceled.  In total, I placed 5 calls with review team and customer team to ensure that my order is okay, and it ends up gets canceled with no notification. The review team told me that my order is not under review and I shall be expecting question emails, which I never received. I called in customer service for the question email, during which I was told that my order is cleared and shall not expect any question email. The next day, the online chat tells me that my order is denied.Aside from that, the credit card was charged in full amount before they even attempted to ship.


I thought Xfinity mobile would be a good value addition to our family, but now I think I probably will not never want to deal with the mobile service anymore due to this experience. The Xfinity mobile customer service is so inconsistent.