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Account is a mess: device exchanges (30 days), BYOD, extra line

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Account is a mess: device exchanges (30 days), BYOD, extra line

I signed up for Xfinity Mobile on January 9th. I went with the By the Gig Plan, and picked up a iPhone 8 Plus putting it on a payment plan. From the start their were issues. The first phone would not activate properly. The rep did a like exchange, that phone activated fine. For the next three weeks the replacement phone would not stay connected to either the XFINITY or xfinitywifi networks. With some troubleshooting in-store and with customer service it was deemed that the second phone was defective.


On February 2nd I went to the store to exchange the phone. The rep could not do the exchange because of the like exchange done when I signed up. The rep mentioned that my account was locked. The store manager had to call into customer service to do the exchange.


I recieved the replacement phone on February 6th, and headed directly to the store as the rep suggested. Along with the two phones I brought a unlocked Verizon iPhone 7 Plus that I picked up. Being that I was still just within the first 30 days service I was hoping to return the replacement phone and just use the iPhone 7 Plus. The in-store rep had no idea how to attach the BYOD to the account. He called into customer service, and was told to add a new line to the account to bring the BYOD into the account, then swap the sims. Once he finished the swap he tried to return iPhone 8 Plus. It would not allow him to do the return because I was out of the 30 day window. Including January 9th the February 6th was day 29. I asked for the additional line to be canceled, but it was never done


Since the 6th I have been contacting customer service and having a different result every time I call. The faulty iPhone 8 Plus was returned through the RMA process. I was supposed to get an RMA to return the other iPhone 8 Plus, but now I keep getting told that I am past the 30 days. Just last night I was told the same, but was given a credit for my issues. Thanks, but no thanks?!?! :-/ 


Can I get some help to get this mess resolved? I just want to use my BYOD with the unlimited plan! Thank you

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Re: Account is a mess: device exchanges (30 days), BYOD, extra line



I just got a call from my bank's fraud prevention division. Xfinity Mobile tried to nail my bank account for around $890!!! I take it this was for the defective iPhone I sent back that I sent on the 6th and was received on the 12th?!?! If this does not get fixed soon, I think it's time to move elsewhere!

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