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A disappointed loyal customer

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A disappointed loyal customer

To whom it may concern,

Well today, my 1000$ Galaxy Note 8 front screen decided to crack in my pocket - a phone that was kept in a case, not dropped, and stored safely in the place the average smart phone spends it's entire day in, cracked for no good reason. As a competent and nimble fingered adult, I have the pleasure of saying I've never cracked a phone screen before, therefore I passed on insurance. Apparently the universe wanted to punish me for that by having my 1000$ phone crack in my pocket. Contacted Samsung, they don't cover screens... And interesting take from a company who literally manufactures SCREENS. Contacted Xfinity, hoping that my loyalty, longevity, and on time payments would help... Nope. I became an Xfinity mobile customer a few months after launch, since becoming a customer I've seen lots of awesome deals, free phones, gift cards, etc. I missed out on those, for being an early customer... Imagine that. I've bought 3 phones Thru Xfinity mobile, 1 for me, and 2 for my fiancee. I've never missed a bill. I've taken surveys, been polite with customer service and been loyal to a fault... But no one wants to help my situation. I'm just really disappointed because loyalty used to mean something, and sometimes products are just a little faulty, but usually those situations are rectified. 1000$ phone, should be able to withstand being in a pocket, like it has for 18 months before this post. Today has made me decide to not buy Samsung, and to heavily consider switching my mobile service, which up to this point has been good. But I guess I've reached the limit of that good, and Xfinity does not want to exceed it's expectations and make exceptions for good loyal customers.


A disappointed customer
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Re: A disappointed loyal customer

Sorry to say but no phone manufacturer or mobile carrier will cover a cracked screen just to be nice. There is no way for them to tell why it cracked.