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$500 rebate declined

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$500 rebate declined

my $500 xfinity got declined. the reason - Disqualified-Mobile Service Ordered Outside Sales Window. I ordered my phone and the line on nov 28th (approximately) when the promotion was active - however it was backordered so i recieved the device and activated it on the same day that i recieved (dec 13) - however xfinity declined my rebate. 

i was given assurances from the rep i placed my order with that my rebate would go through as i am  placing the order on time.

unfortunately the support call center only takes calls monday to friday from 8:30-5:30 and since i work during that time i cannot call.

this is very frustrating - can someone help

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Re: $500 rebate declined

Hi kacharia, was this promotion offered through our retention team?


Thank you