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$500 rebate declined even after I was given a ticket and called back

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$500 rebate declined even after I was given a ticket and called back

I ordered the triple premiere in like nov and shortly after I received a card saying that I was eligible for a $500 card when I ordered Xfinity mobile. I had to pay off my carrier first and once that was done I called the retention Dept to make sure the promo was still going on, I was told “as long as I get it before March 1st. AT&T made it very difficult to get my phone unlocked, it took 3 days an come to find out it was actually unlocked the whole time. I called the retention Dept the same night I switched to Xfinity mobile and was told “I will be receiving my gift card sometime after 90 days. I went on to the reward center page out of curiosity and it said disqualified due to not signing up in time. Again I called the retention department and I was told that the promo ended on feb 26th and I signed up on the 28th. I than explained that I spoke to multiple people in his Dept. And NO ONE told me that! I previously had direct tv and cancelled it to go with Xfinity. Well I didn’t know that direct had signed a contract for me thru century link (my internet) whom also has a $200 disconnection fee! My plan was to use the $500 gift card to pay those bills off, it was the ONLY reason I even switched. I spoke to the retention Dept again and a man made me a ticket and said I would get a call back and after a week or so I did and I was told I will be receiving my $500 gift card! Thank goodness finally I thought I got it all fixed. I rechecked the reward center and it still says disqualified even tho I was called back and I thought everything was great! It still shows on the website that I’m disqualified so I had a weird feeling and decided to call and was told that I will not be getting the $500 card I will be getting a $200 gift card now. The women whom I spoke to was by far the rudest yet. She told me the reason I don’t qualify has something to with a month, I still don’t know what the reason is, i said mam I don’t understand what do you mean could you please explain it to me? She replied “I’m going to hang up the phone now and you’ll need to go to this website ______ if I have further questions, thank you, goodbye.” and hung up. I didn’t even know what to do I just sat there with my mouth open for a good minute. People like that DO NOT need customer service professions!!!! I hadn’t been rude at all so the fact that she couldn’t even explain to me why there was now another issue just tells me that I don’t think she understood either. Can someone please help me and at least explain to me why there using false advertisement to get customers. Honestly please help me
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Re: $500 rebate declined even after I was given a ticket and called back

Jp121085, thanks for posting about your experience and your giftcard concerns. Let's get you some answers. I got your private message so I'll follow up with you there.