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$500 Visa Gift Card

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$500 Visa Gift Card

In October I signed up for Xfinity. I purchased internet, two cell phones and a cable package. I have contacted customer service NUMEROUS times and keep being told it should be processed. I am getting frusterated - it's now June, 90 days has past (a long time ago) 18 weeks has passed.... and i still have yet to recieve my gift card. As it states, I am eligible if:


I am a new XINITY custmer who buys internet and xfinity starter.... plus xfinity mobile (I DID!)

You sign up for qulifying xfinity internet and TV between Oct 2 and Dec 4 2017  (I DID!)

you purchase an xfinity mibile line no later than 7 days after your XFINITY internet installation (I DID!)

You purchase a new pple with you sign up for xfinity mobile (I PURCHASED 2 new APPLE PHONES!)

you transfer at least one line of mobile service (I TRANSFERED 2!)


Will I ever get my gift card? XFINITY i love you, but you're killing me with this....