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4G LTE Network Extender Verizon (made by Samsung)

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4G LTE Network Extender Verizon (made by Samsung)

My friend is a Verizon Wireless customer. He barely had one bar of service inside his house. Verizon sent him a FREE extender.  He now gets 5 bars inside house.

I am an XM customer. Prior to the installation of his extender, when I was at his house I got the same intermittent one bar. Now with his extender,  I get 5 bars inside his house.

So if you are an XM customer with signal problems inside your  house AND you have a friend on Verizon Wireless who is willing to use their credentials for an extender install in your house, it will work. The extender has a MAC address which has to be registered with Verizon hence the need for a Verizon account.

XM says they cannot register an extender and they cannot tell Verizon to do it on behalf of an XM client. Strange.