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$ 200 reward card scam

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$ 200 reward card scam

My account says that the $200 reward card was mailed 3/23/2018. I have not received the card.

I've called the recommended phone number several times, but never got the promised call back.

I tried staying on the line forever, but was disconnected.

I see from the forum that this is an all to common problem with xfinity rewards.

The xfinity mobile service it self seems ok except for the fact that their (my) Samsung Galaxy note 8 was not equiped

with the WiFi calling feature that my wife's Galaxy note 8 has.

I hope that someone can help me thru the xfinity maze to get my $200 reward.

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Re: $ 200 reward card scam

Im having the same Issue, I keep geting the run around about mine. I bought my phone in November of last year, still nothing.

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Re: $ 200 reward card scam


mgator, if your card was mailed and was not used, we can reissue you a card. Please send me a private message with your full name and phone number tied to your residential services for help.