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$200. new phone promotion.

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$200. new phone promotion.

CSR told me that because I switched my mobile service to Xfinity, I am eligible to buy a new phone and get a $200 cash card in return. I switched the service but kept my same phone for then, but was told I could still come back before 1/6/19 and get the same deal.

Since I already switched from Verizon and ported my number to Xfinity, do I still qualify for the $200 promotion?  Will the promotion likely be extended?


Re: $200. new phone promotion.

You should be qualified for the reward becasue you had ported oer your number, but you can always check at the Comcast Reward Center website and put in your Xfinity account number, not the Xfinity mobile account number. Just be aware that it takes about 14-16 weeks to receive the card.