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Response to story about possible Xfinity Home security issue


Response to story about possible Xfinity Home security issue

Please see the statement below regarding the story from various publications about a possible issue:


Our home security system uses the same advanced, industry-standard technology as the nation's top home security providers. The issue being raised is technology used by all home security systems that use wireless connectivity for door, window and other sensors to communicate.  We are reviewing this research and will proactively work with other industry partners and major providers to identify possible solutions that could benefit our customers and the industry.



UPDATE 11/15/2016:


As of today there has yet to be a firmware update to address this potential vunerability. Like most Home Security providers we are always looking for new ways to make our system more secure and reduce vulnerabilities. As of now, our system runs on a 128 bit encryption and includes a UL-certified central security station. 


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